Home Sweet Home – I need some antibiotics to get rid of the travel bug.

2 months back in the UK.

We’ve now been home for close to two months. Turns out time can fly even when you’re unemployed, bored and a lot colder than you’re used to. Whilst Pinion came home, had an interview within 24 hours and then only went and got it, I have been a little less productive. Clearing out, running and cooking have become my new priorities.

After one completely fruitless interview where I was slowly destroyed in a way not dissimilar to the Apprentice. I now work in a cafe, not just cafe but a cafe in a big UK shop (that should be a clue for any UK residents). After one week there I am quickly moving towards becoming a full blown sociopath. A few more months and reports of cafe assistant throws scone in face of customer are likely to surface. The cult like training, that often involves dancing and the writing of pledges are a step too far for this cynical ginger. This job is certainly an inspiration to keep looking for a less soul destroying job or at least one that doesn’t pay the minimum wage.

Sorry for the whinge.

Not everything about being home is negative, I have had a chance to meet best friend’s child. He is called Arthur, he is awesome. Spending the weekend with his family was a great opportunity to take us back to Bristol where we loved.

Drunken Bristol:


Catching up with friends and family has been lovely. Pinion got to meet her Mum’s new dog. Daisy the dog is completely crazy ball of fluff. My Mum’s cooking and watching the football with my Dad have made the transition to living back with them a lot easier.

Cocktails at home are even better with friends:


Going to gigs is a massive home benefit:



The travel bug.

The urge to discover new places and be back on the road has not disappeared for me. Pinion is very happy with her home comforts but I am left itching for more (could just be a parasite i’ve brought back). I sit on Skyscanner scouring the internet for cheap flights, and I am considering unsubscribing from Airbnb adverts before I drunkenly book a tippee in some far flung corner of the World. For now the bug will have to be satisfied with weekends spent visiting friends in the UK and perhaps a city break later in the year. At least this desire is good for my savings! Living out of a backpack for 18 months has definitely helped me to realise how little I really need.

To blog or not to blog.

Blogging certainly became less of a priority whilst we were heading towards the end of our trip. I’ve not even mentioned most of time in Bolivia or Brazil. We became a lot less attached to the internet in our last few weeks. We were slightly obsessed with cramming in as much as possible and abusing the credit card (thank god for Pinion’s new job!!). I am hopeful that i’ll feel the urge to keep going, ideally finishing off all the blogs i’ve started about South America. Perhaps even filling it with further adventures or just rambles. At least the name of the blog works for that one :).

Feel like a chat...


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