Film Friday: Isla Del Sol beach pigs.

After a lazy few days in Puno we crossed the border over into Bolivia. At this point we still hadn’t had enough of the massive lake Titicaca and so we decided that the Island of the Sun (Isla Del Sol) would be our next destination. True to form it poured with rain as we set sail, with everyone on board questioning the accuracy of the island’s name. Fortunately the sun broke through and our 2 days there were spent in blissful, if slightly too strong, sunshine.

Daytrippers often catch the boat to the north of the island to a village called Challapampa, they then walk to the south’s much bigger village of Yumani where they can catch the boat back to Copacabana. We weren’t sure of our plans as we left, especially when our hostel in Copacabana decided to double it’s rate for storing our bags. We opted to bring everything with us and hope we could figure out a plan to see the most of the island. Our worries were unnecessary, as soon as we got to the island we relaxed and found an awesome little hostel with a sun terrace, private bathroom and even hot showers all for £8 a night.

View from the hostel:

Isla Del Sol

On the first day we walked to the ruins in the north of the island and on the second day we took a boat to the south and walked back. The highlight of the time on the island was watching all the local animals playing on the beach, especially the pigs.

Beach pigs:

Isla Del Sol

This week’s film Friday shows some of the piglets having fun:

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