Film Friday: Visiting the Nazca Lines

We are currently shooting through Peru at a very fast pace. Yesterday we took a chance to spend a day in Nazca, we took the somewhat terrifying flight over the lines and then went to visit the adobe pyramid nearby. This week’s film features clips from the flight and some zoomed in photos of the figures that we saw.

The Nazca lines were formed around 2000 years ago, these geoglyphs have a range of different forms including an ‘astronaut’ and a monkey. The flight from Nazca costs about US$80 for a low flying 6 seat plane.

With symbols pointed in all sorts of important directions it is safe to say the Nazcas were some interesting people! The shallow geoglyphs are best viewed from the plane. The local viewing platform was overcrowded and a bit uninspiring. On the flight the co-pilot pointed out the structures, it often took a minute for me to decipher them. Its crazy how people were able to form them without the ability to view them from much higher than the local hill. Thoughts that aliens could actually be responsible almost crept in.


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