Film Friday: Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta

This week’s film features clips from one of the strangest shows we’ve ever been to. Buenos Aires is probably most famous for it’s Tango shows, but Fuerza Bruta is the one show that we really wanted to watch. A night of dancing and shuffling around the room with mouths wide open is probably the best way to describe our time watching the show.

Fuerza Bruta

It was what I imagine my brain would produce if I took acid or something equally potent. From a man on a treadmill, people destroying a cardboard house to a group of girls throwing themselves around what is essentially a see through paddling pool. It was all stuff that my seriously non-creative brain would never be able to produce. It was fantastic and mind boggling at the same time. The show is right next to the Recoleta cemetery and we were able to buy tickets on the day (cash only).


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