Film Friday: Boca Juniors

This week’s Film Friday features one I have made and a link to one more professional. Spoiling you some would say!

We have just spent a week in Buenos Aires, a bustling city full of arts and culture. So I chose to take Pinion to her first football game abroad. She has suffered through some crap Arsenal games at home before but hasn’t had a chance to see some mental fans who actually have passion for the game (Arsenal fans really are quite dull 😉 ). The two main teams in Argentina and Buenos Aires are Boca Juniors and River Plate. I’ve seen River Plate before and so was pretty keen on catching Boca Juniors in action.

They are considered to be more of a working class team and they’ve produced some gems including Maradona, Riquelme and Tevez. They’re the team that everyone wants to see and the ticket prices definitely reflect demand. LandingPad are pretty much the only company providing tourists with tickets. They make the whole thing very safe and easy, the days of edgy football matches are probably gone now (maybe the derby with River Plate would be different). The fans are still good fun to watch, the sing a lot and jump about. They’ve also perfected a very camp hand movement, it goes along with what I am sure is a really offensive chant but the hand action kind of kills it. If you watch the lower sections when the team scores you can see the fans surging forward, I was happy for my seat up in the Gods at that point.

We were lucky to catch a Copa Libertadores (kind of the South American Champions League). Boca were playing Bolivar, a team that surprisingly originate from Bolivia. They needed a win and the fans were eager for goals from the start. Luckily for us the team were also up for the game and Tevez turned on a bit of style for the second goal.

Apologies if what the fans are chanting is really rude, my Spanish hasn’t improved much since our classes.


Here are the highlights from the game:

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