Film Friday: Volcano spotting in El Caňi

This week’s Film Friday features short clips from our trip to El Caňi in Pucon, Chile. El Caňi is a protected forest area, about 500 hectares of mountain rainforest. It is situated about 30 minutes out of Pucon and is a great day trip with some serious walking. Initially this was recommended to us by Alvero our Spanish teacher. Our limited Spanish lead us to saying we liked of any activity that we knew the word for, it clearly led him to believe we were super fit trekkers, keen on exploring anything Chile had to offer. Pucon just so happened to be his home town and El Caňi was his passion. We promised we would visit and despite some bus mishaps we did eventually get there, and he was right the views were pretty amazing.

Cows blocking the path:

El Caňi cows

Very happy to reach the top:

El Caňi

In Pucon the main attraction is climbing up Volcan Villarrica but El Caňi offers up the opportunity to view 5 volcanoes including Villarrica. It is a private park, purchased back in 1990 to stop some of the logging that was going on in the area. The walk itself was good preparation for the walks further south in Patagonia. My calves were burning from the start, I was breathing like Darth Vadar and the sweat poured off me. You can see why I don’t feature much in my own films, right? Despite this, we both had an amazing day in the park. You pass through monkey puzzle tree forests, there are sign posts that explain the area and what was sacred to the local Mapuche people. If you have a bit more time you can even camp at a few designated areas. The entrance was $4000 CLP and the bus from town left at 10:30 (at the local bus station) but there was an earlier one, we think it was at 8:30 but aren’t 100% on that. You can ask around at the Pullman bus station and at the local bus station situated across the road. When we finished the walk one of the rangers informed us of the next bus time and we just stood across the road and flagged it down. We waddled back to our hostel, catching an early night before we climbed up Volcan Villarrica!

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