Film Friday: Exploring the Catlins and spotting Sea lions

Between the torrential downpours on our visit to the Milford Sound and the never ending rain of the Kepler track we managed to catch a bright and beautiful day for our journey along the Catlins to Dunedin. One of the highlights and also the first place we actually stopped was the Waipapa Point Lighthouse.

Waipapa Point Lighthouse:

Waipapa Point Lighthouse Catlins

It was first lit in 1884 but is now completely automated. The rough seas in the area were the cause of one of the worst civilian shipwrecks in 1881, the investigation into the incident resulted in the recommendation for a lighthouse to be built. Lighthouses aren’t the most exciting element about Waipapa Point these days, instead the New Zealand Sea Lion was the highlight. We watched them laze about on the beach, I think I look pretty similar to them these days, and then caught a couple moving along to get more comfy. This wasn’t the only wildlife we managed to spot on the day, we also saw some dolphins up at Curio Bay, but it is the only film I made and so here is a short clip of the lighthouse and the sea lions.

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