Film Friday: Puzzling World Wanaka

I briefly visited Wanaka back in 2008, during my first visit to New Zealand and my friends went to Puzzling World. I was very jealous of the mind boggling photos and made sure that this time I would not be missing out on the wacky goodness. Pinion and I were hoping for a rainy day or even a cloud, but when Wanaka produced some of the best weather we have seen on the South Island we decided we would just have to visit Puzzling World on yet another scorching day. Fortunately not all the exhibits are inside and we got to spend a sufficient amount of time completing the maze and enjoying the sunshine. This is just a short video that shows some of the highlights and skips the endless repeats of the maze. I am sure I will upload a load more photos when I finally get around to blogging about Wanaka and its beautiful lakes, great pizza and awesome cinema.

Puzzling World is definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re big kids like us. We went about 30 minutes before they closed and this was perfect as all the kids were heading back home and we had the place practically to ourselves.

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