One Ginger’s Paradise: Amed, Bali.

Paradise is probably an overused word in blogs. I have read many that have listed destinations as just that. In fact one we ended up visiting and narrowly avoided standing on a used syringe as we walked along what had been described as one of the most paradise locations that the person had ever visited. That’s why i’ve hesitated to write about Amed. Fortunately for me, it is pretty much just Pinion and my mum* who read this blog (hi guys!).

Amed is my paradise. Situated in the East of the island, Amed manages to offer enough to keep tourists busy but shies away from the tackiness and culture-less Kuta. Amed used to be a traditional fishing village and has only really opened up to lots of tourists in the last ten years. It is pretty hilly, which makes for some great sunsets and sun rises if you’re that way inclined. The volcanic nature of the island means that the beaches have black sand, they also offer some great opportunities for snorkelling.

Countryside close to Amed:

Rice paddies in Bali

Amed sunset point:

Sunset over Amed, Bali - paradise

We had made a last minute decision to visit Bali, no doubt influenced by many a Beer Laos. Originally we had thought that it would be beyond our budget, some cheap flights changed our minds and we were soon planning on how we should spend our 11 days on the island. We opted to split our time between Ubud and somewhere we could go diving. Tripadvisor led us to discover Adventure Divers Bali and so we chose to stay in Amed and complete our SSI advanced diving course. We ended up falling for the place that we cancelled our stay in Ubud so I could do some more fun dives and Pinion could chill by the pool to work on decreasing her paleness.

Getting kitted up:

Kitting up for diving

Underwater selfie:

Scuba diving selfie

The diving near Amed is great, you enter from the beach (always handy when your dive buddy suffers from sea sickness) and there was always lots to see. It is very close to Tulamben where you can dive the USAT Liberty Wreck, an army transporter vessel that was torpedoed by the Japanese in WW2 and subsequently beached at Tulamben.  Mount Agung erupted in 1963 and the tremors/ lava flow made the boat slide back into the water. Now it is home to lots of wildlife, we got lucky and saw a turtle there along with some bumphead parrotfish who are pretty strange looking! The highlight of our dives was the night dive where we saw bio luminescent plankton, razor fish and an octopus. I will hopefully get round to making a dive blog with a summary of some of the great things we have been fortunate enough to see.

We made one day trip away from Amed, it was clearly difficult for us to leave! We went to the Tirta Gangga water gardens, these gardens were destroyed during that 1963 eruption I mentioned earlier but have recreated. The garden was a perfect place to relax, as if we needed to do that any more. You could go for a swim in the pools or just laze around and watch the birds and insects like we did.

Water gardens:

Tirta Gangga water gardens

Tirta Gangga water gardens

Tirta Gangga water gardens

Tirta Gangga water gardens

Tirta Gangga water gardens

Our time in Bali was spent either diving or relaxing, the people were very friendly and I would highly recommend visiting this little paradise island! Just avoid Kuta**, where there are more fast food chains than a normal sized American town. There are so many places on the island where you can still escape the crowds and experience some of the Balinese culture. Safe to say that Bali is another place that has been added to where we want to return.

*I have never shown my mum my blog cause its probably best if she doesn’t read about the time I nearly got mugged or other stories that I will eventually blog about 🙂 – Sorry mum if you do eventually find this.

**Kuta is near the airport so you might need to spend the night there if you have a horribly early flight out like we did. If you’re lucky then you can go along and help release baby turtles during hatching season on the beach. Check out this site for more info. Unfortunately we didn’t visit on a release day.

Kuta turtles

2 thoughts on “One Ginger’s Paradise: Amed, Bali.

  • December 12, 2015 at 2:12 am

    It’s true – Kuta is best avoided! This place looks idyllic though – due to spending too much time inLombok we ended up only having time for two days in Ubud when we returned to Bali but I’d love to go back and discover some other non-Kuta places…

    • December 12, 2015 at 3:21 pm

      What was Ubud like? I really wanted to visit but couldn’t pull myself away from Amed.


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