You Wat?! Exploring Chiang Mai

Rambling Ginger in an egg chair in Chiang MaiChiang Mai is one of those places that everyone seems to love, because of the stories our friend’s had told us we were really excited to get here. Whilst it may not be an instant hit, we did find that Chiang Mai was a definite grower on us. We spent close to a week exploring the old city. There are so many temples to explore and probably even more bars! We arrived during a Buddhist festival, resulting in the temples being packed out and a nice feeling about the city. Lots of locals were out in the evening visiting the Wats and some were lit up quite impressively.

Wats by day:

Chiang Mai Wat

Chiang Mai Wat

Chiang Mai Wate

Wats by night:

Chiang Mai Wat

Chiang Mai WatThey had some pretty cool statue decorations:

Chiang Mai Wat

After a temple overdose and gorging ourselves on Thai food during our cookery lesson we set off to explore another activity that the city has to offer. Pinion is a big cat fan, she likes them all and I frequently lose her when walking down a street cause she likes to stop and stroke every cat she meets. So when I realised Chiang Mai is home to not one but at least three cat cafes I knew we had to visit. I dragged us off into a quite nice residential area, not informing Pinion of our destination and silencing her complaints about both the distance and heat frequently. We eventually arrived at Catta Cafe. It was all a bit weird, neither of us had been to a cat cafe before. The cats were a little standoffish but grew more confident once they realised we weren’t leaving quickly.

Catta Cafe’s cats:

Bored of humans in the Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Feed me eye Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Sheila loving the Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Feed me eyes Cat Cafe Chiang MaiThey all look pretty unimpressed in these photos, but they liked us once we fed them and played with them!

Pinion quickly becoming the cat’s favourite person:

Sheila feeding many cats in the Cat Cafe Chiang MaiIt was all going well until the ginger cat got a bit horny and the other cats wanted to join in. We left before filming the cats turned inappropriate. You know you have a classy blog when you start out talking about temples and it ventures to filming cat porn.

The hornbag:

Grumpy cat Chiang Mai

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  • August 24, 2015 at 9:12 am

    I’d forgotten about the ‘incident’ in the cat cafe – thanks for reminding me…x


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