Reverse culture shock.

Is it even a thing?  I have no idea but it is the best description I can come up with for how we felt when we landed in Bangkok. The shiny airport was brightly lit even at 1am. The smiley staff were all wearing tropical shirts, I am not sure if this was in celebration of Songkran (Thai new year) or whether they just have some evil managers who thought they would be a good idea. Granted they are better than the uniforms my work was trying to bring in before I left but they would probably clash with my hair! We left the airport in a modern air-con taxi speeding towards the city lights. A little different to the Ambassador taxis of Kolkata that had got us to the airport.

Kolkata taxis:

DSC04263 Unlike the cities of India, where we had normally been back in our rooms by 9pm, Bangkok was bustling. People were playing basketball, eating in restaurants and shopping in the seemingly never ending supply of 7/11s. The shocks continued as we checked into our hotel. It was super swish, really clean and the wifi meant we could download more TV series than we’ll ever actually get through on this trip. In total we’ve spent close to a week in Bangkok and we are yet to actually see any sights. Instead we spent a few days wandering around, getting buckets of water chucked at us by old grannies and covered in thanaka (a weird paste like substance, a bit like talcum powder?). Songkran probably reduced the frantic pace of the city, giving us the best introduction to Thailand.

Water fights:

22002_884215661635244_8252921296936373672_n 11150157_884216451635165_3182680451588339254_n DCIM100GOPROG0810592. Sometimes with cities its the feeling that you get from the place rather than what you do there. I think both Pinion and I have fallen for this city and we can’t wait for our next visit. Maybe we’ll actually explore but then again maybe we’ll just have some cheap beer and great food.

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