Improving our skills in Udaipur.

Travel fatigue hit as we arrived in Udaipur. Not helped by me still feeling ill. We arrived in the early morning after a chaotic night train from Jaipur. Where the entire carriage full of people appeared to change at every station. Initially we only planned for a couple of days in Udaipur but this quickly changed into one of our longest stays in one place so far. After the hustle of the bigger cities it was good to relax in the ‘white city’. It had a completely different feel from the hassle of Jaipur and we were lucky to arrive at the end of the Mewar festival, where the local women dress up and celebrate the start of spring.

Mewar festivities down by the lake:


The lake is in the centre with many restaurants, guesthouse and shops spilling out onto the side streets. After the previous cities we a bit over-forted and so were grateful to not find one in Udaipur. We did spend one hot morning exploring the city palace, which contained a lot of paintings and a couple of my personal favourite Indian style features where the painting is 2D and the shoes are real.

City Palace:




The lake palace was in the James Bond film Octopussy:


Painting with real shoes (slightly cut off cause i’m not a good photographer!):


Many of the buildings including houses and shops are covered in intricate paintings of the Rajastani animals (camel, elephant and horse).



It turned out that Udaipur is full of artistic people with many people offering painting lessons. We gave it an attempt but our finished pieces certainly left something to be desired, the guy giving us the lesson even offered to improve it for me if I wanted to collect it the next day. Sure sign my GCSE art skills have faded somewhat over the last 10 years.

Deep in concentration:


All new skills should learnt in the company of chai:


Pinion was especially proud of her work:


I’m not entirely sure what we did on the rest of our days in Udaipur, probably a sign that I should try and write my blog a bit closer to the time that I am in a place! My travel brain has turned to mush. I know that one day we took a cooking lesson with a lovely lady called Rajni, she showed us how to cook awesome samosas, chapatis and a range of curries.

Our cookery lesson efforts:



We shopped a bit and started to realise we were going to have to post stuff home if we wanted to be able to actually lift our backpacks.

   Guard cows, preventing theft for hundreds of years in Indian shops:

We checked into a fancy hotel, mainly cause it was still cheap (by Western prices). The hotel had a pool and it was great to not have to wear trousers in the 30 degree heat.

Tortoises in the fancy hotel:

Udaipur was a great break from the crazy, we were ready to head on to Agra (already blogged about that cause i’m not capable of sticking to the right order).

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