The Taj Mahal is sick!

Well the Taj Mahal itself is lovely, a 12 year old chav might even call it ‘sick’. For our visit we were pretty sick, in the more normal sense of the word. We had enjoyed a range of street food the day before after arriving on the overnight train from Udaipur. We probably should have skipped the fly covered samosas, or maybe it was the gone off sauce we had with the aloo tiki. Either way both Pinion and I were suffering on the morning of our visit to the Taj.

This awesome building couldn’t be overshadowed by a bit of puke but it certainly shortened our visit. We walked around the gardens, avoiding crowds and eyeing up potential puking points. We got a photo together so that was a bonus.

Our smiles are shining through the pain:

Taj Mahal

We managed to spend about an hour admiring the awesomeness but then had to head back to our hostel for a few hours sleep. Everyone warns you that the touts in Agra are some of the worst you will experience, maybe they were having an off day or maybe because it was at the end of our 2 month stay either way we were let off lightly and even managed to purchase some real marble for Pinion’s mum at a good price.

After a few hours rest we decided that we hadn’t had enough of forts and so ventured out of the hostel to Agra Fort. We probably shouldn’t have bothered, it wasn’t well looked after like the forts of Rajasthan and there was little information in English.

Agra Fort:

Agra fort

Agra fort

The guy who built the Taj Mahal was locked up here and could only view his creation from a distance.

View of the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort:

Taj Mahal

This was one long day, the Taj is only open at night for 4 days around full moon each month and we just happened to be there at the right time. We knew we had to go and I had managed to get us tickets for that night the previous day despite not bringing our passports to the ticket office 15 minutes before it was shutting.

Day and night tickets:

Taj Mahal tickets

Later that night we headed to the ticket office and caught the free shuttle bus up to entrance, again the security was really strict. They even took a teddy from a little girl, not entirely sure what threat it posed – teddy bear selfies? Once in we were a little disappointed that you could get nowhere near the Taj and that the moon despite being full was hiding behind a thick layer of clouds. We got a couple of photos and chatted to a lot of Indian tourists until our 30 minute visiting time was up. I’m sure if you got a clear night it would be great, we were just glad to get to see it again after our short visit that morning.

The Taj Mahal at night:

Taj Mahal by night

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