Everything is just a little bit sandy.

Jaisalmer was the first of the major Rajasthan tourist destinations that we visited. We turned up late in the evening and headed for Dylan’s hostel, recommended to us by the Canadian girls we met earlier in the trip. We hadn’t booked, we are rarely that organised and as luck would have it (damn you ginger mouse) it turns out that it was full. Fortunately the owner was relaxed and let us sleep on the roof after sorting out some mattresses and blankets.

Jaisalmer fort:

IMG_3723Sleeping under the stars is pretty normal for Jaisalmer albeit normally when you’re on a camel safari and that is what we did the next day. We are still perfecting our haggling skills but we met Elke in our hostel and she has been haggling like a pro during her travels. She helped us to get a pretty good deal and so we set off in the morning to explore an abandoned village and desert oasis before boarding our camels for some pretty uncomfortable riding over sand dunes.

Pinion in the abandoned city:

DSC03625Playing on the sand dunes:

DSC03670The tour was pretty good, the food was awesome and the camels were grumpy but nice (I would also be grumpy if I had to carry a tourist all afternoon in the boiling heat). Dodgy stomachs + a lack of toilets made it it a bit uncomfortable, I also managed to pick up enough sand in my trainers and backpack to create my own desert back in Borehamwood. We were pretty happy to head back to Jaisalmer the next day and get some rest, which had evaded us the night before when 2 of our group decided to keep us up til the wee hours getting lucky.

Rocket the overly excited camel:


Still feeling pretty crappy we didn’t do too much more in Jaisalmer, mainly we found nice restaurants with good views. Excited to head on to Jodhpur and escape the sand!

Pinion enjoying Jaisalmer:


Feel like a chat...


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