First week of crazy

Having spent the first few days of the trip fixated on the idea of photographing every toilet I encountered I almost missed the chaotic overwhelming city that is Kathmandu.

Clearly a toilet blog would have been riveting:


Upon realising that a toilet blog would be well…shit (sorry). I thought I should instead just type out some of the junk in my head instead. Kathmandu is a sprawling hub of chaos. Its noise, smell and dust consume all your senses. Having landed in the evening we did everything that travel websites tell you not to, we: had no money changed and no idea of the exchange rate; had no idea about the cost of a taxi to our guesthouse; had no real idea where the guest house was; approached the first person who was touting their business. Safe to say we probably paid a bit over the odds but we got there in one piece, albeit after some close calls and a lot of honking, something that we would later realise is the norm for Kathmandu. You’re not driving unless you’re honking.

The first few days involved us mainly getting lost around Thamel, the tourist district, and organising ourselves for the trek. We have organised a 3 week trek to the Annapurna region and we are aiming to complete the Annapurna circuit and the base camp treks. Considering the 365 steps up to the Swayambhunath (monkey temple) nearly killed us I think that this plan is going to be a bit of a challenge!

Sheila a lot happier on the way down:


The stairs and prayer flags:


Other than planning and being a bit overwhelmed by the city we have done a spot of sightseeing, including a day trip to Patan and an overnight stay in Nagarkot where the views of the Himalaya were awesome. Sheila says we saw Everest, I am happy enough to believe her.

Sunrise in Nagarkot:


View of the stars:


Before Wednesday when the trek begins we will be heading to the Boudhanath Stupa and picking up a few bits and pieces from Thamel.

Faye 🙂

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