The Final Countdown

Regular blogging is clearly not an art that I have mastered! I have written this post and re-written it a number of times since mid November. The last edit started with:

With 25 days (9 hours and 18 minutes – but who is counting?) left until our flight to Kathmandu, the pressure to get organised is mounting up.

Needless to say I am actually posting this in Heathrow, drinking a pint of cider (who knows when I will get my next one?!?).

I’m just about organised. Granted I am still waiting for the final pin numbers to arrive for my new debit card. I have set up a multitude of bank accounts in a desperate attempt to build interest on what is the largest amount of money I’ve ever managed to save and to minimise the fees that we are likely to encounter when withdrawing money abroad. These are clearly the things no one bothers to blog about regularly. They probably don’t attract the same number of views as diving with whale sharks or throwing yourself out of a plane?!

Well I will sign off for now, I have tried and failed at making this some sort of travel advice column but that is not my thing. I was considering posting a picture of every toilet I encounter on my travels. I think poo stories are more my thing 😀 Hopefully I will get around to updating this over the next few months with some fun adventures, that is of course once the panic subsides and probably once the trekking in Nepal is over! Looking forward to walking ourselves fit!


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