Where the hell is my…?

The constant shouting, rustling of bed covers, shuffling of objects can mean only one thing. I must have lost my keys (phone, wallet, other inanimate object) again.

Where the hell are my keys

The forever disappearing keys.

I used to be organised, in our old flat I had an abundance of ‘useful’ boxes where my stuff was helpfully placed and did not escape from until I needed it again. This doesn’t seem to be the case in the current room. Everything disappears, has the ability to wander from where it was placed to the other side of the room and bury itself under 5 layers of clothes.

Lots of stuff to pack

Slightly chaotic storage situation (this is not all my stuff!).

So why has this chaos occurred? Travel plans. A 14 month RTW trip planned for January 2015 has resulted in us moving from our lovely spacious flat into a somewhat cramped shared house 3 miles from town, all in a desperate bid to save money. This is the same trip that has inspired me to give blogging another shot, having failed at producing any more blogs following my wisdom teeth removal. Potentially teeth loss was too niche a subject to build a blog on, I certainly lacked the wilfulness to lose more teeth, and so I am hoping to produce a travel blog!

The moments in the new house where I wonder what food remnant remains on the ‘clean’ pan, or I play pube dodging in the shared shower and fear that my housemates may be peeing in there to save water are likely to be preparing me well for travelling and also help me to forget that the old flat wasn’t so rosy, especially the 3 months where we listened to our neighbours shagging every night at 1am. The money saved by sharing is vital to us reaching our target of £15000 each. It is definitely going to be tight but I hopeful that we can eek it out for the 14 months.

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