The Loss Of All My Wisdom

Hello fellow bloggers!

I’m sure most people start blogging with thought provoking messages for the world. I’m going to give you a run down of me having my wisdom teeth out. Don’t ever say I don’t spoil you!

Over the last few years I’ve blissfully ignored going to the dentists, it’s no ones favourite hobby and after 3 years learning about dental materials at university I had had enough of teeth. It was only when I couldn’t ignore the pain coming from the back of my mouth that I gave in and found a dentist who could see me quickly.

Gus, the dentist, quickly informed me that I would need all four wisdom teeth out. He said it would be easier to remove the top two together first and the bottom ones individually at a later date.

I was suitably nervous for the first appointment, with fears of my face swelling up like a hamster, and so I put it off until after my holidays. I needn’t have worried, Gus pulled the bad boys out nice and quickly without causing too much pain at all. The most uncomfortable thing was the numb face. They healed up pretty quickly and I was back to my omnomnomnomnivore state quicker than you can imagine.

I delayed getting the bottom ones out for a little bit mainly cause I was still scared, especially after Gus mentioned having to slit the gum open. It was only after yet another infection and another round of antibiotics that I faced the music and booked another appointment. Off I went, convinced that it wouldn’t be too bad and that I would be the exception to the rule and wouldn’t suffer too much over the following days. The following pictures will tell another tale, my face certainly swelled up before producing a lovely yellow bruise. However, I did discover codeine and so can’t complain too much :-).

Day one – suitably fat face


Day two – face of grump


Day three – face of grump continues


Day four – cider and codeine banish face of grump


Day five – super bruise and fewer painkillers


Day six – one stitch falls out and then Gus removes the last few


Now just to get the last one out next Monday . Excuse the boring nature of this blog, I’m 75% less wise than I was a couple of months ago.

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